Why us

You literally can have everything you need in our institution-- excellent teachers, professional team, tailored courses, vibrant environment and accredited test centre.

Why Chinese Matters

No matter what language you are speaking, Chinese will become one of the most beneficial skills for you. Check this link you will every answer to why Chinese matters and why you should learn this language.

General Chinese

We create a pleasant environment for learners and increase their interest of learning Chinese. This course fosters accurate pronunciation, accumulates basic vocabulary and to masters necessary grammar. Additionally, it enables learners to have basic Chinese conversation skills and improve accuracy and fluency.

Business Chinese

We provide business people and companies with customized business Chinese training. It enables learners to acquire the basic Chinese language knowledge and understand the basic features and rules of economic activities in China. In addition, it develops learner’s cross-cultural communication skills, and equips learners with courtesy in business and Chinese culture background knowledge.

HSK preparation

It aims to improve the ability of using Chinese in four domains as well as the accuracy and appropriateness. It enables students to pass the test with significantly higher possibility.

International Chinese Teacher Training

This course is to train teachers who has conducted or are willing to teach Chinese as a foreign language, to enable them to acquire Chinese teaching theories and skills. Learners will become a teacher capable of teaching Chinese with the certificate of international Chinese Teaching after graduation.


Chinese for Tourism, On the Way!

If you're planning a trip to China, and would like to learn common Chinese phrases used by travelers, you will love to see this course coming online soon. Enroll this intensive course surprise yourself and local Chinese residents. We have received fantastic feedback from trial lessons, check this video out and experience yourself!

Auckland zoo shows interest in Learning Chinese Language.

25th May 2015, Global Chinese Education visited the Auckland Zoo. Hopefully, we will soon provide staff in the zoo Chinese language training.
It is great to know that the Auckland Zoo is considering the needs of Chinese speaking tourists and would like to offer them the better service. As a responsible company, we have designed a customized course for people in the Auckland zoo.

Events of NZGCE in 2016

Join in our wechat group and know more about us.

Our first sister schools officially establish

A bridge between schools in New Zealand and China

Beautiful China

The Great Wall

One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero

The Palace Museum

Located in the center of Beijing